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What is a Biffy Bag?
The Biffy Bag is a Personal Disposable Toilet System. It is a bag with-in-a-bag system and consists of: the unique Biffy Bag, the no-smell/odor-proof secondary containment/transport bag, enough real toilet paper to do the job, an extra large Biffy Wipe for ample clean-ability, the proprietary super absorbent Biffy Powder and most of all it comes with Peace-of-Mind.

Do I need a bucket or commode to sit on?
No. The Biffy Bag is Sanitary, Convenient, and Complete. Nothing else is needed. It is the first and only disposable toilet that has been designed so you do not need any extra equipment such as a bucket or collapsible commode to carry around with you. They Biffy Bag is your complete all in one sanitary system. Although the Biffy Bag has been designed for use without a bucket or commode it can be used with them or any dry marine, R.V. or household toilet if you prefer.

How many times can I use a Biffy Bag?
For sanitary reasons The Biffy Bag has been designed as a single use disposable toilet system.

There are 6 of us going camping/canoeing for 3 days. How many Biffy Bags should we bring?
Most people figure on 2 Biffy Bag Disposable Toilets per day. So for 6 people for 3 days it would be 36 Biffy Bags. This may seem like a lot but we recommend bringing extra Biffy Powder, Biffy Toilet Paper singles and Biffy Body Wipes just in case. When it comes to planning ahead Uncle Gus says” It is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.”

Does the Biffy Bag help reduce the spread of infection and disease?
It most definitely does. The Biffy Bag is designed for portability and sanitary ease of use. By containing human waste it can reduce the spread of bacterial infection, and disease. It is a fact that more people die from infection and disease after a natural disaster then from the disaster itself.

Is the Biffy Bag Biodegradable?
Yes! The green Biffy Bag is biodegradable but the transport bag is not. Over all the Biffy Bag disposable toilet system is 83% biode­gradable or recyclable. At disposal the green Biffy Bag can be gently removed from the transport bag and disposed of separately. The transport bag and the handy wipe foil pouch are made of barrier film material (multiple layers of different types of material) and are not recyclable. All other materials are recyclable or biodegradable.

Where can I dispose of Biffy Bags?
Biffy Bags are considered treated waste and can be disposed of in any normal trash or land fill. Please follow the outdoor ethic principles of the Leave No Trace organization,, and pack out what you pack in.

Who can use the Biffy Bag?
The Biffy Bag is easy to use and can be used by anyone young or old, male or female who is in need of a clean, fresh sanitary toilet. It can be used by campers, canoers, hikers, bird watchers, pilots, cavers, canyoneering, boaters, anglers, hunters, first responders, police, firemen, horse back riders, truckers, travelers (including kids), four wheelers, snowmobilers, bikers, rock climbers, white water get the picture, the list is endless.

How big is the Biffy Bag?
The Biffy Bag comes in a 5 inch by 5 inch package and fits in the palm of your hand. Some users call it the “Pocket Potty”. It is so small it fits in your pocket, purse, glove box, survival kit, tackle box, back pack and fanny pack. They are so compact you can take them everywhere you go.

Where can I buy them?
Biffy Bags are available at or your local out door store and be sure to ask for it by name!.