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Anyone who enjoys the outdoors understands the effect of human waste on our environment. Whether you’re out on the trail, camping with the family, or exploring a mountain, the Biffy Bag gives you the peace of mind to know that when nature calls you are ready to answer. The comfort fit design allows for easy use anywhere and its discrete and compact size will not load you down while hiking the trail or exploring that cave. The triple layer protection and the super absorbent Biffy Powder, eliminate odor which is perfect while camping with no trash receptacle near. The Biffy Bag comes with everything you need and does not require you to haul around a commode or any extra gear. The transport bag is incredibly resilient and can withstand over 50 psi of burst pressure making a leak virtually impossible. So when your climbing that mountain or simply camping with friends and family, give yourself the peace of mind of always being prepared with the Biffy Bag, your all in one sanitary system.



My family and I love to go on RV trips to national parks. We use Biffy Bags everywhere we go. They are perfect for camping and the kids love to use them.

- Hernandez Family, Maple Wood WI