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Every hunter knows that human scent can deter a potential target at any given time and that moving from one place to another will alert them to your presence. This makes answering nature’s call near impossible without disturbing the hunt. Enter The Biffy Bag, your complete sanitary solution while on the hunt. Compact and discrete, The Biffy Bag easily fits into any pocket. Once deployed the comfort-fit design secures snuggly around the waist and private areas so that no clothing removal is necessary. The patented Biffy Powder solidifies the waste and the triple layer protection eliminates odor. The Transport Bag is 4,000 times more odor resistant than a standard bag making it difficult for even the most sensitive prey to detect you. The Transport Bag is designed to resist tearing or leaking and has a burst strength of greater than 50 psi. Give yourself the edge and never endanger the success of the hunt again.

You are out on the boat relaxing and waiting for that big catch to make your day when all of a sudden you’ve got to go! Now you must either abandon that sweet spot and head in to shore or pollute the water while trying not to fall in. Solution? The Biffy Bag, your all in one sanitary system. The discrete pocket sized Biffy Bag stores away in your tackle box until needed. When nature calls, the comfort fit design allows for quick use while covering all private parts and requires no bucket or commode.

Now I can actually take my Granddaughters fishing without scaring all the fish away because of pulling in for bathroom breaks. Great idea, works perfectly!

- Zach Smith, Full Time Angler (Retired Machinist), Battle Lake MN

This product is a hunting phenomenon. I had a deer approach from behind me while I was using one in my tree stand! This thing really works!

- Jeff Mason, Taxidermist, Black Creek WI