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Let’s face it, we have all been on that road trip when you have found yourself counting the miles untill the next rest stop while attempting to convince yourself, or another, that “you’re gonna make it!” The Biffy Bag will help you to say goodbye to that feeling forever. Compact and discrete, The Biffy Bag hides away in your glove box until needed. The all-in-one sanitary system eliminates the need for carrying and cleaning commodes or using those dirty, unsafe rest stop toilets. The easy comfort design covers all private areas and fits all sizes comfortably. The Biffy Bag is perfect for all traveling needs including road trips in the car, RV’ing, and traveling by plane.

When finished, the patented Biffy Powder eliminates the odor and solidifies the waste. The double sealed Transport Bag is 4000 times more odor resistant than a standard bag and has a burst strength greater then 50 psi making it virtually leak proof. This makes for easy transportation until the next trash bin is conveniently available for discard. So when you’re traveling far or simply prefer the peace of mind of being prepared, The Biffy Bag answers nature’s call whenever you need it.



I keep a Biffy Bag in my glove box. Last week my 6 year old and I were driving to my parents across states and my son had to go number 2. We simply pulled over, used the Biffy Bag and went on our way. Amazing product.

- Rick Johnson, Engineer, Cottage Grove MN