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Whether you are boating, kayaking, canoeing or rafting there is always a prevailing lack of lavatories when you need them most. The Biffy Bag is your solution when you are out on the water. The Biffy Bag is compact, portable, and requires no extra commode or materials to carry with you. Simply keep it in the glove box until needed. The bag within a bag design allows for leak proof transportation and the patented Biffy Powder creates an odor proof seal that solidifies the waste, offering a no-mess, sanitary means to “pack it out” and Leave No Trace.

Now you can enjoy your day out on the water with the peace of mind that you won’t have to clean your on board toilet after every use or have to pull into shore every time someone needs to go. Unlike other sanitary systems, The Biffy Bag comes with everything you need making it your no bucket, no odor, and no mess solution for when nature calls.


We never have to clean our onboard toilet again!

Thanks Biffy Bag!

- Chris Swenson, Motor Boat Enthusiast, Minnetonka MN

My family and I love the water the Biffy Bag lets us stay out all day and never have to worry about coming into shore for breaks.

- Matt Anderson, Family Man, Boulder CO