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We have all heard about the unpleasant conditions that troops find themselves in overseas when called for duty. The Biffy Bag is here to help provide a daily convenience and comfort for our hero’s away from home.  Soldiers find themselves in many situations where there is no access to proper plumbing and must either dig themselves a squatting hole or use a commode system, both of which remain very uncomfortable. Is there a way to eliminate extra equipment yet still provide a comfortable experience to heed nature’s call?

Enter the Biffy Bag brand personal disposable toilet. The comfort-fit design allows for easy use anywhere and everywhere and does not require a commode to sit upon that shifts in the sinking sand. Its compact and discrete size enables it to be stored away in a rucksack, taking up minimal space and is always ready for use. The super absorbent Biffy Powder solidifies the waste for easy disposal and the triple layer protection eliminates odor and the spread of disease. The transport bag is very durable and can withstand over 50 psi burst pressure virtually eliminating the chance for a leak or spill. So when you are answering your countries call of duty, always be prepared to answer nature’s call.



We were on a long patrol through windy desert conditions. While others dug holes and complained of sand being where it shouldn’t, I used the Biffy Bag and was able to have more focus at the task at hand and was less concerned with sandy distractions.

- Spc. Brandon B. Erickson, National Guard, Saint Paul MN