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Many jobs require individuals to head out to where no one is around for miles. This can include farmers, construction workers, telephone pole operators, and truckers on long drives. Chances are that you may find yourself without proper plumbing facilities when nature calls more often than not. Don’t waste large chunks of time heading back in to the house to use the restroom. No longer do you have to use the day’s paper work to clean your bottom. Give yourself the peace of mind to know that you are always prepared with the Biffy Bag brand personal disposable toilet.

The Biffy Bag is an all in one sanitary system that comes with everything you need including plenty of toilet paper and a large hand wipe. It is very compact and discrete and can store away easily into your glove box or any small space as it can easily fit into the palm of your hand. The comfort fit design allows you to have a comfortable experience at anytime, anywhere. The super absorbent Biffy Powder solidifies the waste and the triple layer protection eliminates odor for easy disposal. Never be caught wasting valuable time or sacrificing comfort again with the Biffy Bag all in one sanitary system.



I’m a Trucker and I only like to pull into the rest stops when I have to so I can stay on the road. Now when I have to go mid trip I just use the Biffy Bag and get right back on the road.

- John Corban, Trucker, Clinton IA